Weekly Meditation Classes

Meditation Class in Bethnal Green, East London

If you live or work around Bethnal Green, Shoreditch or Hackney and want to experience a relaxing guided meditation this class will suit you.

I am teaching a new weekly guided deep meditation class at 3 Temple Yard, Temple Street, London E2 6QD. It takes place each Wednesday evening at 7.15pm. The style I use helps you relax and still your mind. It’s a method called Yoga Nidra. This should not be confused with other forms of yoga. There are no postures or movements. You spend the entire class lying on your mat as I guide you into a deep state of restful relaxation.

Yoga Nidra is actually very easy to do – probably easier than most forms of meditation. It is also a very pleasant and relaxing experience. It’s particularly great for unwinding after work. You can find more information about Yoga Nidra by reading this next page: What is Yoga Nidra

The cost of the class is only £8 per person per week (£3 concessions). You pay by cash when you arrive. Otherwise, you can book four classes in advance for just £28.

If you would like to talk to me about the class or book your place in advance you can contact me by emailing or call me (Andy Lucas) on 07771 823651.