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Yoga Nidra Classes - Brighton

How I teach Yoga Nidra in Brighton

Yoga Nidra is a unique practice incorporating relaxation, meditation and the actual state of yoga nidra itself i.e. “conscious sleep”.

I use a unique approach to guide the practice, incorporating techniques from the Bihar School of Yoga and from NLP, to accelerate the process of relaxation and to build a routine available to you for the rest of your life. The system of Yoga Nidra, as developed by the Bihar School of Yoga, is extremely effective and NLP helps you to get started a little more easily. That's why I combine the two techniques because it will help you overcome some of the typical obstacles to relaxation and meditation.

There is another reason I use some NLP in my teaching, because it helps you develop your "sankalpa". The word sankalpa roughly translates as resolve or resolution and it helps you set-up a strong intent whenever you practise Yoga Nidra. In fact, you will always repeat a specific resolution phrase, or sankalpa, to yourself three times at the start and again at the end of each practice. Using some very simple NLP you can make sure you really experience the full intention behind your sankalpa, thereby giving it more power, more than just words, much more. I am a qualified NLP trainer certified by Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) and licenced to train by the Society of NLP.

You can find more information about Yoga Nidra by clicking the following link: Yoga Nidra

What will you learn in a Yoga Nidra workshop in Brighton

Unlike regular Yoga Nidra classes I am offering a full three hour workshop to give you a chance to explore some of the specific elements of Yoga Nidra in a bit more detail and to combine other consciousness teachings to achieve the best benefit from the practice. Each workshop is unique because I adapt the way I teach to meet the requirements of the group I am teaching.

The workshops are always very practical. I remain focused on the experience itself throughout the Yoga Nidra workshop to ensure you enjoy a positive learning experience. I encourage practical questions rather than theoretical ones, though I will make sure you have some basic theory to support your understanding.

During the first two hours of the workshop I will help you develop some useful skills by tackling key elements of Yoga Nidra, supported by some useful NLP. Then, during the last hour, I will guide you through a compete Yoga Nidra practice.

Dates & venues for my Yoga Nidra classes in Brighton & Sussex

Dates for 2014 are announced on this page as soon as the schedule is ready. There are no workshops currently scheduled so please come back to this page in a few weeks to check again.

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